Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dad Update

Ok.  My dad is out of surgery.  They were able to put pins in his hip without putting him under general anesthesia.  Epidurals are fantastic things.  He was able to stay out of ICU completely and is back on the orthopedic floor.

FH headed back home a couple of hours ago.  I'm going to follow sometime Tuesday morning with the critters.

I should also note that Tempie isn't doing well.  She's lost an eighth of her body mass since we were here to get her teeth done last week.  She was eating normally on her own so we're not quite sure what's going on.  The vet was going to call me today with bloodwork results but he knew what was going on with Dad.  I will hopefully learn something tomorrow.

Goodnight all.  I'm going to go collapse.


Kim said...

I'm glad to hear your Dad came through okay Kat- thinking good thoughts for poor Tempie ♥

Kathi said...

Good news about your Dad. Hope you get more good news about your dear rabbit.
Think of you,