Thursday, January 6, 2011

Roses for Rose

At the beginning of December my Auntie Rose's home burned.  Fortunately she was not home when the fire started and she had been paying her insurance for decades.  Currently she is staying with her sister while everything is being put back together.  Mom did a little recon work for us and told us all of Rose's pretty things were destroyed.

FH and I started planning various projects that are rose themed (she loves roses, especially red ones, and angels) so we can help make her remodelled house a home again.

I have a stitching project in the works and two more lined up after.  The current project is a Dimensions kit designed by Christie Repasy called "Rose Cuttings." 

This is what the finished piece will look like.

This is how far I've gotten since last Thursday.

I'm going to start in on leaves and stems tonight.  I'm a little tired of pink for the moment.  I'll finish the other pink roses and the yellow one once I get a decent amount of the greens and browns done.

So far I'm quite happy with this kit.  I've got one more kit for her and the other is from a book of patterns.  More on them as I get to them.

Oh and an aside, for some reason Blogger has it set to automatically prevent readers from commenting.  I've been trying to remember to allow them, and hopefully I'll figure out how to fix it permanently.


Michelle said...

Hmm, you must have fixed it because I'm leaving a comment.

Your Aunt Rose is so very blessed to have creative family members to decorate her new space with love and beauty!

Betty said...

Awww Kat I am sorry that happened to your aunt! That cross stitch is beautiful! It would be a nice decoration for your aunt!

Cate and David said...

What a beautiful piece of stichery! :)