Friday, April 15, 2022

Three Weeks Down

 It's been 3 weeks since Pixel left this world. I'm still having trouble sleeping without her in her spot on the bed. My late brother's birthday is this Sunday, compounding the grief even more. Despite medication, I ended up in the ED being checked for heart attack and pulmonary embolism. Whee stress! And no, it was neither, which meant I just needed to take it easy and talk to my doctor about a temporary med adjustment. I'd say my therapist is working overtime, but he's not. I "graduated" to every other week a while back and he hasn't seen a need to change that, which I suppose is a good thing. 

Ellie Bean starts chemo next week. Not for cancer but with the goal of weakening her immune system enough that it stops attacking her digestive system. Apparently that is the newest proven treatment for cats with her condition, so we're going to give it a shot and see if she can put on some weight and keep it. She's still so tiny. As you can see she fits quite well in Kirs's knee guards.

Speaking of Kirs, he moved in with FuzzyHusband and I about a year and a half ago. He brought his own furbaby with him and she's quite the sweetheart.

Hazel is about the same age as Ellie, but like all other cats she's twice Ellie's size.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather so the guys can finally get the forge area out back set up properly and playing again. It's nice to see FH playing with metal and fire again. I totally encourage Kirs to enable him.

The added bonus is Kirs is HVAC certified, so we never have to worry about the furnace or AC going out! 

Soon after I got released from the ED after being turned into a pin cushion, quilt blocks started appearing in my mail. The block swap group I'm in took it upon themselves to make blocks for me even though I haven't been able to swap for the last 9 months or more with everything that's been going on.

There are 36 Jacob's Ladder blocks that have found their way to me. I figure I need 13 more to make a decent quilt for a king size bed. I'm not sure if any more are coming... everyone's been quite sneaky and obtuse when I ask. They're oh so pleased with themselves!

Some quilters sent me small squares of the colors they used in the blocks so I can incorporate them into blocks I make or into borders, which I thought was lovely. I'll probably start piecing my own blocks once I finish writing thank you notes and figuring out what colors I need more of to make everything balance better.

That's all for now. I'll try to check in more often. It might be good for me while I process all the grief.

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Michelle said...

Life for most seems to only get more challenging; sounds like you are coping as well as possible. That beautiful surprise almost-quilt must certainly help, being a tangible demonstration of love. My demonstration has to be less tangible – (((HUGS))).